Daniela Puliti

Artist Statement, 2013


The themes depicted in my work have a lot to do with repression; suppression of women, emotions, desires, sex drive, thoughts, as if the prefrontal cortex shuts down and everything you know you shouldn’t say comes spewing out. It is the unraveling of personal and societal expectations that have been subverted through the past few decades, yet still remain. Semi-autobiographical in nature, it is documenting how I navigate through this mobius strip of life that is inundated with preexisting conditions.

The materials used are meant to bring the notion of craft into the work; glitter, ribbon, yarn, fabric, and shreds of scrapbook paper. In other words, supplies that would otherwise be utilized by a female hobbyist, but are being elevated in a fine art context. The cheeky stylization of imagery presents uneasy themes in a more palatable manner. It fuels this idea of a happy façade while once read further captivates the humiliation experienced after a long denial has been realized.

Challenging the traditional gender roles imposed on women such as obedient wife, mother, and homemaker, I am declaring myself and defining myself as an artist.